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Access from LAX

LAX Airport to OK-Rent-A-Car

Travelers arriving from LAX Los Angeles International Airport are encouraged to utilize either a taxi or a ride-sharing service such as UBER or LYFT for their convenience in reaching our office.

Our office is conveniently situated a mere 15-20 minute car ride away from Los Angeles International Airport and is in close proximity to Santa Monica Beach.

Should you opt for a taxi, kindly furnish the following address to your driver:


Reach Rideshare / Taxi Location

Free Wi-Fi is available inside LAX International Airport, within the LAX-it shuttle, and in the taxi/rideshare parking lots. This enables you to conveniently utilize rideshare services with your mobile device.

Upon arrival, retrieve your luggage and head towards the exit gate, where you’ll find signage indicating “LAX-IT” (pronounced L.A. Exit).


The green pillar is the landmark

Proceed there and when you exit the terminal, you will see a green pillar with “LAX-IT” written on it. Please wait there, and when the LAX-IT green shuttle arrives every 3-5 minutes, board the shuttle (free of charge) and get off at the final stop of the bus (taxi/rideshare parking lot).


Customers arriving at Terminal 1 can walk to the taxi / rideshare stand. The taxi / rideshare stand is to the east (to the left) after exiting the Terminal 1 arrival gate. You can walk from any terminal, but from International Terminal B you will have to walk quite a bit. If you have a lot of baggage, please use the shuttle.

Access From LAX

If you are using a rideshare service such as UBER or LYFT, we recommend that you request a ride from your mobile device immediately before or while boarding the LAX-it shuttle. Free WiFi is available inside LAX International Airport and on Access From LAX -it buses and at bus stops. (Please note that if you request a ride too early, you will be charged an additional waiting fee.)

Once you have completed your reservation, you will receive advance notice of the waiting area at the rideshare stop (A-1, B-5, C-4, etc.) and information about the matched driver, so you can check in after getting off. The transfer to your car will be smoother.

For customers using a taxi, when you arrive at the parking lot, please proceed towards the sign that says ‘TAXI’. Our driver is usually always on standby, so you can board your ride right away.

Most taxi companies accept credit card payments.

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